We are privileged to work in partnership with you in the education of your daughters. Open, honest communication enhances the educative process. Below is some information which will assist you in this process.

College Leadership

Mrs Paula Bounds


Mrs Catherine Anderson

Assistant Principal

Mrs Yvonne Taouk Chahine

Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Janet Mann

Curriculum Coordinator

Ms Angela Cofini

Wellbeing Coordinator

Ms Cassandra Farhart

Administration Coordinator

Ms Jo Condon

Business Manager

Communication Channels 2019 – Who To Contact

  • Your daughter’s Homeroom Circle (HRC) Teacher Mentor is the person who sees her every day and who monitors her general progress in all areas of school life. You would contact the HRC Teacher Mentor if you have concerns about  illness, attendance, general behaviour, uniform and personal family matters.
  • Your daughter’s Subject Teachers monitor her progress in individual subjects and report back to you about her progress through reports and Parent/Teacher interviews.  If you have concerns about your daughter’s progress, do not hesitate to make contact with her Subject Teachers.
  • For further support your daughter’s Year Coordinator or Key Learning Area (KLA) / Subject Coordinators would be able to assist.  The Coordinators are listed below:

    Year Coordinators

    Year 7  Mr Joshua True
    Year 8 Ms Caparrotta
    Year 9 Ms Nehme
    Year 10 Mrs Haid Messer
    Year 11 Ms Beaumont
    Year 12 Mrs Tania Toomey

    KLA Coordinators/Teachers with Special ResponsibilityReligious Education Mrs Yvonne Taouk Chahine
    English Mrs Georgina Tsiftsis
    Mathematics Ms Anne-Marie Allen
    Science Mrs Joelle Camps Vazquez
    HSIE Mr John Martin
    Assistant HSIE Coord.: Mrs Wilma Fisher
    PD/H/PE Ms Lenore Dew
    TAS/Visual Arts Mrs Lianne Guevarra
    Librarian Mrs Christian Graham
    LOTE & Open High School Ms Nausicaa Turli
    VET / TVET / EVET Mrs Tania Toomey
    eLearning Mr Joshua True
    Careers Adviser  Ms Susan Stewart
    Sports (internal & external – MCS/CGSSSA)  Ms Catherine Conneely

    Teachers in Charge
    Music Mrs Sally Bowyer
    Drama Ms Stacey Lindon
    Dance Mrs Angelique Matheos
    Learning Support (Acting ) Ms Carla Kazzi
    Newman Stream (Gifted & Talented) Mrs Georgina Tsiftsis
    Student Leadership (SRC)  Ms Angela Cofini
    Youth Ministry Coordinator Ms Ingrid Azzi
    Prinicipal’s PA & Enrolment Office Mrs Stella Apergis

    College Leadship Team
    Principal Mrs Paula Bounds
    Assistant Principal Mrs Catherine Anderson
    Religious Education Coordinator Ms Yvonne Taouk-Chahine
    Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Janet Mann
    Administration Coordinator Ms Cassandra Farhart
    Wellbeing Coordinator  Ms Angela Cofini
    Business Manager Ms Jo Condon
    College Chaplain Fr Joli Bilowalu, cm