Year 9 student, Amelia Vasiliou travelled to the USA to attend the 2017 HASSE Space Camp.  In Houston, Amelia visited some fascinating sites including the Johnson Space Centre and Rice University where she was able to listen to NASA Engineers and former ISS Commander Leory Chau talk about their work at the Johnson space Centre and attended a talk by former astronaut Michael Foreman.  Amelia also had the
opportunity to get her hands dirty with a shark dissection , learnt about cells, medical and forensic science. This trip also involved a visit to
Huntsville, Alabama to another space centre. This was arguably the most exciting part of the trip as Amelia “performed” two mission aboard
simulators where she was the Pilot and Mission Specialist. Needless to say, shopping and a baseball game were also on the itinerary. Jesmetha Baladevan (yr 11) will attend the senior space camp at the end of the year.Space School